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I would like to introduce you to our newly created company SIRE SOURCE, LLC.   SIRE SOURCE, LLC is a continuation of Bama Sire Service which was started in 1984 with the purpose of suppling dairymen with quality genetics at an affordable price. Bama has worked primarily in Alabama and North Mississippi for 30 plus years. Our goal from the very beginning was, and continues to be, to provide “ Powerful Breeding at Sensible Prices”. As we have expanded into other areas of the southeast, we have renamed the company. But it is much more than just a new name; it is to signify that we should be the source for your sire needs.

Sire Source is the last of the independent A.I. distribution companies servicing dairymen in the southeast. Through us you have access to practically every great dairy sire from around the world. Instead of a salesman representing one stud with limited sires, you can choose from an unlimited number of sires to help you achieve your goals. Again, our lineup of sires eclipses all other suppliers. Today we are your premier source for quality dairy sires sourced from around the world. Each organization we represent was chosen for the purpose of adding profitability to your dairy operation. The road to profitability can take many different paths, that is why our lineup is very diverse. Each operation is different, and the breeding goals are different. That being said, I feel each operation should build an index unique to that particular dairy operation. There is no need to put emphasis on traits you are not being paid for. Likewise, you may find it beneficial to place extra emphasis on certain traits. Allow us the opportunity to help you build a profit focused index, supply the high quality, high conception genetics to achieve your goals, and a discount schedule and payment plan to fit your needs. Together we can create a program that fits your operation.

Below are our August Holstein and Jersey sire lists:

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit the newly created SIRE SOURCE, LLC. web page.
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