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Below is a list of our August selections. Contact us for any questions you may have.



What sets us apart from other A.I. organizations is the fact that other salesmen offer sires from only one stud. We market sires from most of the North American studs and many of the studs from around the world. We offer the top Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss sires from around the world. We have the most diversified lineup in America. Our lineup includes many of the top production, TPI, JPI, Net Merit and high type sires available. The top health traits, longevity and calving ease sires are available through us as well. We also have the top grazing genetics from Australia and New Zealand. Besides the traditional dairy breeds; we offer our clients the option of adding the non-typical breeds such as Fleckvieh, Aussie Reds, MRI, Milking Gyr, Montebeliard and Normande.
I have over 35 years of experience computer mating cows correctly. If you want your cows mated to make maximum genetic progress, I’m your guy. I do not believe in mating cows just to sell semen; I, like you, wish to see rapid genetic progress.